Elbert County Voter Information Resources

Become an informed voter in the 2018 election with these resources.  Scroll down to find links about ballot measures at the state, national, and county levels.

General Election Date: November 6th, 2018

Voter Registration: Click Here

Elbert County 24-Hour Ballot Drop-off Locations (click on the location for directions):

Samuel Elbert Building

Town of Elizabeth Building

Party Primary Election Results: Click Here

Links to Info About Proposed Amendments and Initiatives on All Colorado Ballots (click on the title to learn more):

Amendment A: Removal of Exception to Slavery Prohibition for Criminals

Amendment V: Reduced Age for General Assembly Members

Amendment W: Judge Retention Ballot Language

Amendment X: Definition of Industrial Hemp

Amendment Y: Independent Commission for Congressional Redistricting Amendment

Amendment Z: Independent Commission for State Legislative Redistricting

Amendment 73: Establish Income Brackets and Raise Taxes for Education

Amendment 74:  Compensation to Owners for Decreased  Property Value Due to State Regulation

Amendment 75: Colorado Campaign Finance Amendment

Proposition 109: Colorado Bond Issue for Transportation

Proposition 110: Statutory Transportation Funding

Proposition 111: Limits on Payday Loan Charges

Proposition 112: Minimum Distance from Occupied Buildings Requirements for New Oil and Gas Projects

Additional Information on Ballot Measures: Click Here

More Information on Ballot Measures: Click Here

Positions Up for Election:

Click on names and other links for more info.  Names under each position are in alphabetical order by last name (after all, we are librarians).

National Congress

House of Representatives, District 4

Ken Buck 

Campaign Page

Karen McCormick

Campaign Page

John B. Vigil (no info available)

Richard Lyons Weil (campaign page)



Bill Hammons

Campaign Page

Scott Helker

Campaign Page

Jared Polis

Campaign Page

Walker Stapleton

Campaign Page

Secretary of State

Amanda Campbell (ran previously, and no current info. found)

Jena Griswold

Campaign Page

Blake Huber

Campaign Page

Wayne Williams

Campaign Page


Gerald F. Kilpatrick (little info. available)

Brian Watson

Campaign Page

Dave Young

Campaign Page

Attorney General

George Brauchler

Campaign Page

William F. Robinson III (little info. available)

Phil Weiser

Campaign Page

State Senate, District 1

Deborah Gustafson

Campaign Page

Jerry Sonnenberg

Campaign Page

Board of Education, District 4

Tim Krug

Campaign Page

Deborah Scheffel

Campaign Page

House of Representatives, District 64

Teri Nilson Baird

Campaign Page

Kimmi Lewis

Campaign Page

University of Colorado Regent At Large

Ken Montera

Campaign Page

Lesley Smith

Campaign Page

Christopher Otwell

Campaign Page

James K. Treibert

Campaign Page

University of Colorado Regent, District 3

Glen Gallegos

Campaign Page

Alvin Rivera

Campaign Page

Michael Stapleton (neutral sources not readily discoverable)

Campaign Page

Elbert County

Commissioner, District 3

Rick Pettit (unopposed in the general election)

Clerk and Recorder

Dallas Schroeder (unopposed in the general election)


Sheryl Hewlett (unopposed in the general election)


Susan Murphy  (unopposed in the general election)


Donald Charobee

Campaign Page

Timothy Norton

Campaign Page


Keith Westfall (unopposed in the general election)


Sandra K. Graeff (unopposed in the general election)