Tabletop Gaming @ Kiowa Library

TEENS AND ADULTS WELCOME the Second Thursday of each month. Stop in!

If you have interest in joining us, please contact or for a character sheet and game information.  You do not have to be present every meeting or even the first one, you can be worked into the story at any time!

*You don’t have to have any knowledge of tabletop games or role-playing, we’ll help you through it, or you’re welcome to observe if you’d rather experience the story unfolding from a back seat.

*Meetings are currently slated for once a month, the 2nd Thursday of each month.  You don’t need to be able to make it every month, just come when you can.

This first campaign will be Big Eyes Small Mouth (Revised 2nd Edition), set in an age of space discovery with a Sci-Fi Theme.  This game is inspired by the wide variety of Japanese anime topics and mayhem, and as such is a more open-ended creation and customization of characters.

Teen Game Night in Kiowa: Thursdays 6-8pm

August’s Tournament: Pokemon Stadium on the 30th

Teen Game Night will hold monthly tournaments, the last Thursday of each month.  Sign-up at the Kiowa Library desk to participate.  You must be signed-up by the start of tournament games to participate.  Tournament will start shortly after 6, so get in by 6:15.

Congratulations to Jose, our third game tournament winner in Halo: Master Chief Collection.  He rose to the challenges of each game and emerged with a masterful victory.


Congratulations to Annie, our second game tournament winner in Mortal Kombat X.  She raised the game to an intense level through the support of her fans as Kitana.


What is Teen Game Night?  A time just for teens (11-19), EVERY Thursday 6 – 8pm.  Gather to play TCG, Tabletop, and/or Video games.

You’re welcome to bring your own systems, controllers, games, etc.

Contact librarian Donovan ( or Branch Manager Ruben ( with questions, suggestions, or to coordinate gear for a game night.

Games that are up to and including Rated M can be played at the library during this time, make sure you have your parents’ permission to join us for games like Halo, COD, MKX, FNAF, and more!