Board of Trustees

Trustee Application & Information

Any Elbert County citizen may fill out an application for consideration as a Trustee at any time, regardless of seat vacancies.  Your application will be considered during the next available vacancy.

What Does A Library Trustee Do

Board of Trustees Application

Board of Trustees Bylaws

Current Board Members:

Susan-033WEB Susan St. Vincent, President (term January 2020)

JillDuvallPic Jill Duvall, Secretary and Treasurer (term January 2019)

 Rick Brown Vice President (Term January 2018. Acting Trustee until seat filled.)

SuzanneCropped Suzanne O’Neill (Term January 2018.  Acting Trustee until seat filled)

Paula Wilderman (Term January 2019)

2018 Meeting Schedule (Revised):

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Agendas and Meeting Minutes:

These items are organized by year, day, and then title.  Scroll down to find more.


2018-01-12 Special Meeting Agenda

2018-01-12 Board Minutes

2018-01-24 Board Agenda

2018-01 Board Minutes

2018-02-13 Special Meeting Agenda

2018-02-13 Board Agenda – Special Meeting

February regular meeting cancelled

2018-03-28 Board Agenda

2018-03-28 Board Minutes

2018-04-19 Board Agenda – Special meeting

April regular meeting cancelled

2018-4-19 Minutes

2018-05-25 Board Agenda

2018-06-15 Special Meeting Agenda

2018-06-27 Board Agenda

2018-06-27 Board Minutes

2018-07-25 Board Agenda

2018-07-25 Minutes

2018-08-22 Board Agenda – Cancelled

2018-09-26 Board Agenda

2018-09-26 Board Minutes

2018-10-13 Strategic Planning Workshop Notice


2017-01-25 Board Agenda

2017-01 Board Minutes

2017-02-22 Board Agenda

2017-02 Board Minutes

2017-03-22 Board Agenda

2017-03 Board Minutes

2017-05-03 Board Agenda (Rescheduled reg. April meeting)

2017-04 Board Minutes

2017-05-24 Board Agenda

2017-05 Board Minutes

2017-06-28 Board Agenda

2017-06 Board Minutes

2017-07-26 Board Agenda

2017-07 Board Minutes

2017-08-23 Board Agenda

2017-08 Board Minutes

2017-09-27 Board Agenda

2017-09 Board Minutes

2017-10-25-Board Agenda

2017-10 Board Minutes

2017-11-21-Board Agenda

2017-11 Board Minutes


2016-01-27-Board Agenda

2016-01 Board Minutes

2016-02-24-Board Agenda


2016-03-30 Board Agenda

2016-03 Board Minutes

2016-04-27 Board Agenda

2016-04 Board Minutes

May Meeting Cancelled

2016-06-22 Board Agenda

2016-06 Board Minutes

2016-07-07-Board Agenda

2016-07 Special Board Minutes

2016-07-27 Board Agenda

2016-07 Board Minutes

2016-08-30 Board Agenda








2016-12-05 Board Agenda


2015-01-12 Special Meeting

2015-01-12 Special Meeting Minutes

2015-01-28 Board Agenda

2015-01-28 Board Meeting Minutes

2015-03-06 Board Agenda – Rescheduled from 02/25

2015-02 Board Minutes  – Meeting held on 03/06

2015-03-25 Board Agenda

2015-03 Board Minutes

2015-04-22 Board Agenda

2015-04 Board Minutes

2015-05-27 Board Agenda

2015-05 Board Minutes

2015-06-24 Board Agenda

2015-06 Board Minutes

2015-07-22 Agenda

2015-07 Board Minutes

2015-08 Special Board Minutes

2015-08-26 Board Agenda

2015-08 Board Minutes

2015-09-23 Board Agenda

2015-09-23 Board Minutes

2015-10-28-Board Agenda

2015-10 Board Minutes

2015-11-24-Board Agenda

2015-11 Board Minutes

2015-12-07-Board Agenda

2015-12-16-Special Meeting Agenda


2014-01 Board Minutes

2014-02 Board Minutes

2014-02 Special Board Minutes

2014-02-26 Board Minutes

2014-03 Board Agenda

2014-03 Board Minutes

2014-04 Board Minutes

2014-05 Board Minutes

2014-06 Board Agenda

2014-06 Board Minutes

2014-06-05 Board Agenda Special

2014-6-5 Special Board Minutes

2014-07 Board Agenda

2014-07 Board Minutes

2014-08 Board Minutes

2014-09-Board Minutes

2014-10 Board Minutes

2014-12-Board Agenda

2014-12-Board Minutes

Administration Structure:

The members of the Pines & Plains Board of Trustees are responsible for forming policy and approving distribution of  funds. The Library Director is responsible for policy compliance, strategic planning and execution, and logistics. Branch Managers supervise the day to day operations, collection development, and facilities at their assigned branch library. Library Service Leads ensure excellent  circulation, reference, reader’s advisory, and technology services on the front lines.  Library Service Technicians perform technical service and circulation tasks under the supervision of the branch manager and library service lead.  Program and Outreach Coordinators plan, facilitate, and perform activities both in and out of the library.

Organizational Chart: