Board of Trustees

Trustee Application & Information

Any Elbert County citizen may fill out an application for consideration as a Trustee at any time, regardless of seat vacancies.  Your application will be considered during the next available vacancy.

Board Members:

President Jim Duvall (Term January 2024)

Robert Thomasson (Term January 2022)

Treasurer Alan Krenek (Term January 2024)

Secretary Karen Suchan (Term January 2022)

Patty Lampman (Term January 2023)

2021 Board Meeting Schedule:

Most meetings are held at the Elizabeth Library at 6 pm. Exceptions are listed below.  Visit our “Libraries and Hours” page for addresses and phone numbers.

January 27th 

February 24th

March 24th

April 28th

May 26th Kiowa Library

June 23rd Simla Library

July 28th

August 25th

September 22nd Elbert Library/School

October 27th

November 23rd

December 6th

Agendas & Minutes:

These items are organized by year, day, and then title.  Meeting minutes are not posted until they are approved by the Board of Trustees.  Scroll down to find more.


2021-01-27 Board Agenda

2021-01-27 Meeting Minutes

2021-02-24 Board Agenda

2021-02-24 Board Minutes

2021-03-24 Board Agenda

2021-03-24 Board Minutes

2021-04-28 Board Agenda

2021-05-24 Board Agenda

2021-06-23 Board Meeting


2020-01-22 Board Agenda

2020-01-22 Board Minutes

2020-02-26 Board Agenda

2020-02-26 Board Minutes

2020-03-15 Special Meeting Agenda

2020-03-15 Special Meeting Minutes

2020-03-25 Board Agenda

2020-03-35 Board Minutes

2020-05-27 Board Agenda

2020-05-27 Board Minutes

2020-06-24 Board Agenda

2020-06-24 Board Minutes

2020-07-01 Special Meeting Agenda 

2020-07-01 Board Minutes

2020-07-22 Board Agenda

2020-07-22 Board Minutes

2020-08-24 Board Meeting

2020-08-24 Board Minutes

2020-09-09 Board Agenda

2020-09-09 Board Minutes

2020-09-23 Board Agenda

2020-10-28 Board Agenda

10-28-2020 Board Minutes

2020-11-11 Board Agenda

2020-11-11 Board Minutes

2020-11-24 Board Agenda

2020-11-24 Board Minutes


2019-01-23 Board Agenda

2019-01-23 Board Minutes

2019-02-27 Board Agenda

2019-02-27 Board Minutes

2019-03-27 Board Agenda

2019-03-27 Board Minutes

2019-04-24 Board Agenda

2019-04-24 Board Minutes

2019-05-22 Board Agenda

2019-05-22 Board Minutes

2019-06-26 Board Agenda

2019-06-26 Board Minutes

2019-07-24 Board Agenda

2019-07-24 Board Minutes

2019-08-28 Board Agenda

2019-08-28 Board Minutes

2019-09-25 Board Agenda

2019-09-25 Board Minutes

2019-10-31 Board Agenda (rescheduled from 10-23 due to weather)

2019-10-31 Board Minutes

2019-11-26 Board Agenda (cancelled due to weather)

2019-12-02 Board Agenda (rescheduled from 11-26 due to weather)

2019-12-02 Board Minutes

2019-12-27 Board Agenda (Special Meeting)

2019-12-27 Board  Minutes


2018-01-12 Special Meeting Agenda

2018-01-12 Board Minutes

2018-01-24 Board Agenda

2018-01 Board Minutes

2018-02-13 Special Meeting Agenda

2018-02-13 Board Agenda – Special Meeting

February regular meeting cancelled

2018-03-28 Board Agenda

2018-03-28 Board Minutes

2018-04-19 Board Agenda – Special meeting

April regular meeting cancelled

2018-4-19 Minutes

2018-05-25 Board Agenda

2018-06-15 Special Meeting Agenda

2018-06-27 Board Agenda

2018-06-27 Board Minutes

2018-07-25 Board Agenda

2018-07-25 Minutes

2018-08-22 Board Agenda – Cancelled

2018-09-26 Board Agenda

2018-09-26 Board Minutes

2018-10-13 Strategic Planning Workshop Notice

2018-10-24 Board Agenda

2018-10-24 Board Minutes

2018-11-20 Board Agenda

2018-11-20 Board Minutes

Administrative Structure:

The members of the Pines & Plains Board of Trustees are responsible for forming policy and approving distribution of  funds. The Library Director is responsible for policy compliance, strategic planning and execution, and logistics. Branch Managers supervise the day to day operations, collection development, and facilities at their assigned branch library. Library Service Leads ensure excellent  circulation, reference, reader’s advisory, and technology services on the front lines.  Library Service Technicians perform technical service and circulation tasks under the supervision of the branch manager and library service lead.  Activity Services Guides (formerly known as “Program and Outreach Coordinators”) plan, facilitate, and perform activities both in and out of the library.

Organizational Chart: