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Our Mission:

To provide our patrons the resources to achieve their aspirations through literacy, technology, and community engagement.

Our Values:

Empowering – We believe in empowering individuals and communities with ideas.

Respectfully Adaptable – We believe in respecting each unique individual’s information needs and adapting to meet those needs.

Good Humored – We believe in enriching lives through positive, friendly service.

Strategic Plan:

2019 through 2023:

Goal 1: Pines & Plains Libraries will work to develop and expand facilities that better meet the needs of existing and prospective users.

Goal 2: Pines & Plains Libraries will foster creativity and local culture by becoming hubs for the generation of art, information, and technology.

Goal 3: Pines & Plains Libraries will engage its communities through remote services, outreach, partnership, and marketing.

Strategic Plan 2020

Note: P&PL develops strategic goals for 3 to 5 years and executes the detailed actions to achieve those goals each year. 

Needs Assessment:

In 2016, P&PL surveyed a convenience sample of 300 patrons about their opinion of their local branch and improvements they would like to see.  In addition to the strategic plan, P&PL has pursued many of the short, mid, and long-term goals identified through content analysis of the assessment surveys.  Raw data and a more extensive analysis are available upon request to simla@pplbraries.org.  Click on the link below for a summary of the Needs Assessment.

Needs Assessment Presentation

Fiscal Projections:

P&PL updates fiscal data projections on a regular basis for purposes of long-range planning.  The tool linked-to below estimates expenses aggressively and revenues conservatively.  These relatively “cynical” projections aid the District in planning for budgetary challenges such as property tax reductions due to the Gallagher Amendment and economic downturn.  Click on the link below for the most recent version of the projections scenarios.

2018 to 2038 Fiscal Projection Scenarios


Policy Manual Sep 2019

Annual Budgets:

2014 Adopted Budget

2015 Budget Revision

2016 Adopted Budget

2017 Adopted Budget

2018 Adopted Budget

2019 Amended Budget

2020 Amended Budget


2017 Audit

2018 Audit

Note: For purposes of accountability to citizens, Colorado law requires the District to submit a balanced budget and an audit reflecting responsible fiscal practices to the state government annually.