Muggle Quidditch outdoor game in Elbert

Join us in Elbert on Wednesday 3/10 @4:30pm for a rousing game of Quidditch, celebrating the magical world J.K. Rowling has brought to us.

The game will be played outdoors following the US Quidditch guidelines (found here:  For those unfamiliar, most of the team works to get the Quaffle ball into hoops to score points, all while one member for each team tries to chase down the Snitch ball (the flag).  During this there are players who try and manage the Bludger balls to disrupt the play of the opposing team (dodgeballs). This will be played as a minimal contact sport in the spirit of flag football.

Two teams of 7 will be playing on grounded brooms, sign-ups are at the library so please be sure you get yourself registered for the event of the year!  Please sign up before the event date so we can make even distributions of roles.

Free to sign-up or attend to watch and support our great riders!  Questions?  Email Ruben at or talk with Mrs. G at the school.

Muggle Quidditch Rules: