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Board of Trustees Application

Board of Trustees Bylaws

Current Board Members:

Susan-033WEB Susan St. Vincent, President

JillDuvallPic Jill Duvall, Secretary and Treasurer

SuzanneCropped Suzanne O’Neill Vice President

Rick Brown

Paula Wilderman

2017 Meetings:

All meetings take place at 6:00 p.m. in the Elizabeth Library, unless another location is parenthesized.

Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday, February 22

Wednesday, March 22

Wednesday, April 26                          Kiowa

Wednesday, May 24

Wednesday, June 28                           Simla

Wednesday, July 26

Wednesday, August 23

Wednesday, September 27                 Elbert

Wednesday, October 25

Tuesday, November 21

Monday, December 4                                 Special Board Meeting

Agendas and Meeting Minutes:

These items are organized by year, day, and then title.  Scroll down to find more.


2017-01-25 Board Agenda

2017-01 Board Minutes

2017-02-22 Board Agenda

2017-02 Board Minutes

2017-03-22 Board Agenda

2017-03 Board Minutes

2017-05-03 Board Agenda (Rescheduled reg. April meeting)


2016-01-27-Board Agenda

2016-01 Board Minutes

2016-02-24-Board Agenda


2016-03-30 Board Agenda

2016-03 Board Minutes

2016-04-27 Board Agenda

2016-04 Board Minutes

May Meeting Cancelled

2016-06-22 Board Agenda

2016-06 Board Minutes

2016-07-07-Board Agenda

2016-07 Special Board Minutes

2016-07-27 Board Agenda

2016-07 Board Minutes

2016-08-30 Board Agenda








2016-12-05 Board Agenda


2015-01-12 Special Meeting

2015-01-12 Special Meeting Minutes

2015-01-28 Board Agenda

2015-01-28 Board Meeting Minutes

2015-03-06 Board Agenda – Rescheduled from 02/25

2015-02 Board Minutes  – Meeting held on 03/06

2015-03-25 Board Agenda

2015-03 Board Minutes

2015-04-22 Board Agenda

2015-04 Board Minutes

2015-05-27 Board Agenda

2015-05 Board Minutes

2015-06-24 Board Agenda

2015-06 Board Minutes

2015-07-22 Agenda

2015-07 Board Minutes

2015-08 Special Board Minutes

2015-08-26 Board Agenda

2015-08 Board Minutes

2015-09-23 Board Agenda

2015-09-23 Board Minutes

2015-10-28-Board Agenda

2015-10 Board Minutes

2015-11-24-Board Agenda

2015-11 Board Minutes

2015-12-07-Board Agenda

2015-12-16-Special Meeting Agenda


2014-01 Board Minutes

2014-02 Board Minutes

2014-02 Special Board Minutes

2014-02-26 Board Minutes

2014-03 Board Agenda

2014-03 Board Minutes

2014-04 Board Minutes

2014-05 Board Minutes

2014-06 Board Agenda

2014-06 Board Minutes

2014-06-05 Board Agenda Special

2014-6-5 Special Board Minutes

2014-07 Board Agenda

2014-07 Board Minutes

2014-08 Board Minutes

2014-09-Board Minutes

2014-10 Board Minutes

2014-12-Board Agenda

2014-12-Board Minutes

Administration Structure:

The members of the Pines & Plains Board of Trustees are responsible for forming policy and approving distribution of  funds. The Library Director is responsible for policy compliance within the library system. Branch Managers supervise the day to day operations at their assigned branch library. Librarians carry out the day to day library operations.

Organizational Chart:


PPL Organizational Chart Jul15-page-001